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On this page you find links to funding agencies:

  1.     EU projects
  2.     Austrian National Funding Pots
  3.     Austrian provinces
  4.     Special Topics
  5.     Especially for small and medium companies trying (SMEs)


EU projects

European Commission General website

Cordis partners service:

Cordis Financial audits # top

Cordis 7th Frame Program

FFG Austrian. EU Project Support page:

EU Projects - Current Invitations to Tender:


Austria - National

Ö. Förderkompass

FWF The science funds

FWF funding of project costs in developing countries

FFG? Research Development Corporation

EU project initiation costs (SMEs):

Austrian. Academy of Sciences

National Bank Jubileumsfonds

Ideas against poverty Innovation Award

OAW-doctoral program:

LISA - The Best of Biotech:

Ö. Research Foundation

Gen-AU program

For post-docs,

Healthy Austria Fund


Austria - Federal States

Medical Scientific Fund of Vienna Mayor:

Bgld WiBAG

Carton KWF Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund

Styria-Federal-State cooperation

Styria creative impulses

Upper health cluster

Upper food cluster


Special Topics

Ö. Herzfonds

Agriculture Forestry, Veterinary


Especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

For feasibility studies for SMEs external (eg universities):

CIT Strategic Innovation for SMEs

BMFJI? National Award for Innovation for SMEs

Promoting education of Commerce