Examples of projects

Study LaVita-11


A study of the I-GAP (International Society of Applied Preventive Medicine Association)

You want to join or know more?
Please write an Email to the study supervisor!

The study is current as of April 2. Participation is open to doctors and people in the Vienna area, who want to try a fruit / vegetable / vitamin concentrate for free.


Project Caricol-09

If you a healthy digestive system is a concern, click on "Project Caricol" -. The study was completed in autumn 2011. We were looking for people in and around Vienna, the 40 days free fruit snack (from organically grown papaya) tested.

The participants were given free access to a blood test as a health check.


A mobile phone insurance wants to know if consumer behavior brings with it a risk or not.
Interisziplinäres a project team consisting of engineers, a psychologist and statistician, a toxicologist, occupational physicians, cell biologists and biochemists working together for several years coordinated.
What was done?

  1.     The development of a previously unknown test systems that are tailored to the problem.
  2.     The confirmation of suspicions that have been published in the international literature.
  3.     New evidence on the risks were
  4.     external (independent) and reproduced
  5.     internally - by another project team - independently confirmed.

The results of the breath-project are "resilient".

VIP gene IH

A young scientist suspects that a rare disease is genetic. A multidisciplinary project team consisting of molecular biologists, internists, research laboratory and a company that specializes in the sequencing of the genetic code, gets to present a well structured project plan, the money to go to get to the bottom.
After each employee at any time knew what he was doing when, and passed no unforeseen events, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

Coffee House

In our portfolio, an Exotic. But it was exciting to see how our project-development works in other areas.
A young woman playing for months with the idea of ​​opening a coffee house. Ultimately, it comes with your Feundinnen to brainstorm. Points discussed the deal with all aspects: from the right location, on regulatory requirements, bank equipment, artisans, etc. From the results in a logically structured Brainstrorming WBS. This serves as the basis for those lists that you see in banking and government agencies like. But they are also "recipes" to pursue their own dream successfully.

A university professor is deeply impressed by the way and success a medicine man in the central american rain forest treats an ulcer. Bach home at his university he consults us. We plan the project and coordinate biologists, botanists, an analytical chemist and most importantly - a sceptical head of department .
Based on our project design, work break structure plan, all interests become transparent and manageable. The project was funded, the plants were collected and the pharmacological principle was analysed. The head of department was pleased with by the positive press coverage.