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Even scientists have their jargon. The following comparison is certainly not to be taken too serious, but opens up a perspective for authors of scientific texts.

When scientists write ...

they really mean

It has long been known that ...

I have not bothered to look up the original reference.  

While it has not been possible to provide a definite answer to these Questions  ...

The experiments did not work out, but i figured to get at least a publication out of it.

High purity ....,

Very high purity ...,

Extremely high purity ... ,

Composition unknown except for the exaggerated claims of the supplier.

Three of the samples were chosen for detailed analysis.

The results on the others did not make sense and were ignored.

.... accidently strained during mounting

 ... dropped on the flor.

... handled with extreme care throughout the experiment.

   . not dropped on the floor.

... typical results ....

  ... results to support the idea ....

... detail has been lost in reproduction, it is clear from the original micrographs

..... our micrographs do not really support the idea ...  

Presumably at longer times ...

I did not take the time to find out.

It is suggested that ....,

It is believed that ... ,

It may be that ... ,

I think ...

It is generally believed that ...

Other people think so too.

It might be argued that ...

I have such a good idea on this objection, that now I shall raise it.

Much additional work will be required before a complete understanding ...

I do not understand .... .  

A quantitative theory to account for these phenomena has not been formulated ...

Neither does anyone else.

We hope that these results will stimulate further work in the field

This paper is not very good, but neither are any of the others in this miserable field

We anticipate that this work will stimulate ...

I have a strong opinion on, on what subject others should work on   ... .