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Planning is "vaccine" against fate

SCIgenia has proven planning tools adapted to the needs of researchers.
A concept and a project plan should convince.

 What happens during the project development with SCIgenia?

  1.      Ideas and concept phase
         Structuring your project idea, create a concept study to suit your needs.
  2.      Working plans
         Typically, there are interdisciplinary teams whose contribution is linked with the methods of project
  3.      Review time
         Experience has shown that our plans are well suited to discuss the project idea and run with
         people you trust. This raises the quality of the work plan.
  4.      Possibly submission to ethics committee and / or authorities
         If we undertake to make things easier.
  5.      Project start
         We organize a kick-off meeting with all project participants and staff and take over their enrollment
         into specific tasks.