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"I'm thrilled." Austria
Prof. Dr. Michael Frass, Medical Univ. Vienna, on Monday 19 July 2010, at the final meeting on a request to the Ethics Commission

".... today I have submitted the documents (see attached)  to the Ethics Commission. Thank you again for the great support! Without it would not have happened."
The same two days later

"He is a wizard, who nailed down in one hour, what I carried with me in the last year. He gave me the courage and the hope to start a new funding quest and I really am grateful for that. Beyond anything else, this method creates an overview that makes research clear to anybody and to my astonishment it even gave me a new view on what I am doing myself!"
Peggy Bosch,  Acupuncturist, Netherlands, Editor of the book "Schizophrenia, Sleep, and Acupuncture"   planning an Integrative medical clinical trial, 23. May 2010


"I am very impressed, how accurately and efficiently we captured the situation and needs. At the end of the meeting, the head is clear and everything is  presented clearly on one page."
Dr. Marc Schlaeppi, senior consultant, Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland,
20 May 2010 in a planning meeting during the ICCMR 2010 Congress in Norway.


Great Britain"I was amazed to see how Gannt Charts increased our efficiency and improved the project when they are used to inform the project design rather than used as an afterthought to satisfy grant agencies. The approach changed significantly the quality and mechanism of grant writing. The new grant writing style enabled us to easily expose and correct inconsistencies, identify weak passages of text, find conceptual errors, improve project time lines and workflows, and extract a detailed financial plan. This really did make a difference. The result was a project that was simple to grasp and our aims and objectives clearly laid out. The reviewers did appreciate it. "
Andrew Leitch, Plant Geneticist, Senior researcher & University Teacher, Queen Mary & Westfield University, London, U.K.