Human studies

In scientific research three types of studies (in vitro, in vivo, human studies) are particularly important
Human studies are the most important research tool in medicine and product development for humans.

SCIgenia has the necessary know-how and the resources needed to analyze the issue of planning, finding solutions and realizing it.

We support studies from the beginning on,  Idea, concept, study protocol, submission to authorities  (e.g. Ethics Commission), and assist in managing, monitoring, data collection, team trainings and ressource utilization.


Because iIn medicine studies on humans are so important, wordwide many Insitutions cared about the right organizational and ethics framework. This lead to a vocabulary to describe specifc terms needed for clinical trials.

In this section you find information on:  

Studies with "healthy" human volunteers

  • Laboratory Tests for product development. or
  • Field studies for product testing

Clinical trials on patients:

  • RCT - randomized controlled trials
  • Cohort studies (case-control study)
  • Studies on one person
  • Individual case studies
  • Observational non-interventional studies (NIS)