"Nobody is perfect!" (Marilyn Monroe)

To support scientists and researchers, we initiated the SCIgenia training program.

If you want to propose topics, we take tyour suggestions!

Send us your questions via  Email.

The current topics are:

  •     Scientific research; How / Where do I find what? Which keywords do I use?
  •     What is the significance of the types of studies (eg meta-analysis)?
  •     Evaluation of a scientific publication
  •     Are text and presentation of scientific voices?
  •     Does the conclusion on the results?
  •     Is there statistical tricks? Embellished or graphics?
  •     Copyright and plagiarism in science
  •     Science process suitable for the media and audience needs
  •     Practical part: Presentation Coaching
  •     Moderation of the presentation by a media professional


In addition:

  •     Plan and manage projects
  •     From concept to project structure and work plan
  •     Time and on budget
  •     Management, incident and risk analysis
  •     Data recovery
  •     Subsidy funds
  •     Sponsors


Practical part:

  •     Planning a project with a team
  •     From idea to publication?


Other workshop topics:

Science theory and method of study:

  •     What is scientifically proven?
  •     Foundations of Western thinking, Why a hypothesis?
  •     Whoever said "anything goes"? Study designs for research on humans?
  •     What do the terms: longitudninal, controlled prospective, double-blind, cohort, randomized
        heuristic hypotheses,
    CRF, ICH, GCP, etc.


From Idea to Publication:

  •     Planning curtailing a long way: Problem - idea, approach, concept work, curriculum, resource
  •     Project work, data collection, data selection, text design, selection of the medium, submission,
        review process, editing, Neueinreichen, publication distribution


Project Planning:

  •     Management tools for applications, How to Build a Work Breakdown Structure? What is the good?
  •     What is the meaning of a Gannt chart?
  •     What is PERT?


Media work with journalists:

  •     How do I present myself intelligible, media-friendly?
  •     What is OTS?
  •     Tricks and foibles of journalists
  •     How to create a press release? How to organize a press conference?